We are all busy people and we can easily become isolated and disconnected. In a 'small group' that meets our individual needs and passions, we can find a place where we belong. From service groups to study groups...there's a place for you!

Study Groups

Our study groups are defined as Households and Grow Groups. Both groups meet regularly for prayer, study of the Scriptures, support and encouragement. This ministry is the nucleus of spiritual and pastoral care among members of CCC.

Want to learn more about our adult programs, or have a question about our other ministries? Contact the church office using the link below.

Community Building

The Community Building Committee strives to do just that: grow, or build, community within the church family.

It's vital for everyone to nourish the relationships that are important to them. We at CCC acknowledge that everyone who attends the church, whether on a casual basis or as a regular attender, is valuable.  Because of that, we encourage people to come out to church-wide events to develop new friendships and renew their old ones.

The events can be one-off, like a car rally or movie night; annual occurrences such as the June Wind-up BBQ; or our quarterly Soup Sundays, which see the whole congregation sit down to converse over piping hot bowls of homemade soup and chili. We recognize that these events are key to strengthening bonds and to providing opportunities for new attenders to establish connections. Keep an eye out for events coming your way!